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Love calculator free prank


This application is for all those people that they have received a Cupids arrow and are in love. With this application you will discover if you couple and you are two soul mates and if what yours is true love.Do you want to know if like someone? or support you have with the guy or girl that you like? You argue much with your partner? Performs this test of compatibility, perhaps not so compatible are how you think.It is a very easy to use free application. You only have to fill in some data and the program calculates the degree of compatibility, according to the completed parameters.The data needed by the program are:-your name. The result will be more accurate if you enter your full name and surname.-Your date of birth - the name of your partner. Remember that you can enter only the name, but that much more data is entered into the program more accurately will be estimates.-Your date of birth.-Your fingerprint.No matter if you are small and enter data from another guy, if youre bisexual, homosexual, transsexual or heterosexual.We are very romantic, so we want to make this gift for Valentines day, this app is much better than the typical love messages, phrases of love or Valentine cards. You can already download this application see the percentage of compatibility that exists between you and your partner if youre compatible with the person who you like will find tips on how to conquer a boy or girl and increase the likelihood of seducing a man or how to seduce a woman.The best calculator available on Google Play, ideal love for of February 14 Valentines day.If the percentage is 100%... do you expect for the preparations for the wedding? Run now to look at wedding dresses or suits for the groom!!Thanks to this application you will be able to avoid being unfaithful, if your support is 0%... be careful, infidelity in marriage is very common, often hear cases of unfaithful wives or male infidelity. Remember that it is a joke app, the results may not be real.